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How to Build Your Own VPN ?
Today i am going to talk about how to build VPN by your own vpn server using Opevpn application in Vultr.
First Parts: Account Registration & Setting
Second Parts: VPN Building Tutorial
2-1:VPS Deployment
2-2:Open VPN Download & installation
2-3:VPN Connection

1st:Account Setting

1. Register account in Vultr Official Website

Click Create Account in Right-Top

2. Input your Email & Password ,Click Create Account for next

Reminds: The password should meet below rules
  •  Must have at least 10 characters.
  •  Must have at least 1 lowercase letter.
  •  Must have at least 1 uppercase letter.
  •  Must have at least 1 number.

After Account Creation , You will receive an email and you should click the link and verify your account first.
Log in your accout and do the deposit by Paypal or Credit Cards. [10USD minimum]
Depends on different situation , sometimes you will get extra 10usd credits after your deposit if you are lucky enough.

2nd: VPN Building Tutorial

2-1 VPS Deployment

Click the “+” on right-top and start with VPS Deployment
Choose the location of VPS , I will take “NewYork” as example

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (1)
Click “OpenVPN” In Application of Server Type

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (2)
Server Size Selection. 5 Usd is enough for VPN purpose,of course you can choose a higher standard for better speed and connection.

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (3)
Click “Deploy Now ” and finish the VPS deployment
It takes 1 minutes for installation , you can check the account and pass after

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (4)
As you can see, user name and password as below showes
User: openvpn
Pass: 5w49qMDWj4XJ

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (5)

2-2 Download OPENVPN Software

Windows Application :
Google Driver :
Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (6)
For Android User & IOS user You can search “Open VPN” from Play store or APP Store.

2-3 VPN Connection

I’ll take Windows as example, Method for other Device is quite same .
Open The OpenVPN Application and Right Click it, Click Import and From Server
Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (7)
input The IP address

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (8)
Input User & Password, Then Click Connect

Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (9)
Click Yes, if System Reminds showes
Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (10)
Open VPN- Vultr 搭建 (11)

Simply as that.